Author Topic: Is Tap Water Safe Drinking Water?  (Read 3922 times)

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Is Tap Water Safe Drinking Water?
« on: October 07, 2019, 05:17:10 pm »
Hola mi gente, I'm opening this topic to discuss tap water with respect to the kinds of pollutants in it and whether it is safe to drink.

If you've had a chance to test the total dissolved ionized solids (TDS) in your tap water, or if you have looked up your Consumer Confidence Report (CCR) and know what the contamination in your tap water looks like, feel free to share it here.

And of course, what are you going to do with that newly learned information? Are you taking any measures to improve the cleanliness of your tap water before drinking it?

If you are lost and wondering where to start check out the links below:

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